7th Summer Conference in Regional Science

The Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung (GfR), the German speaking section of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA), the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the Workinggroup for Economic Geography and Location Research at the Philipps University Marburg are very pleased to announce their joint International Summer-Conference, which will take place in Marburg. This year’s special topic: “Regional growth processes” The conference will share new research in the fields of regional science and economic geography, promoting the exchange between academic researchers and experts from the field. Program highlights include:

  • Plenary session: Pierre-Philippe Combes (GREQAM, Marseille): The Empirics of Agglomeration Economies (Thursday, June 26, 16:30-17:45)
  • Plenary session: Roberta Capello (Politecnico di Milano): Regional Growth Theories – Strategic Achievements and Future Challenges (Friday, June 27, 15:30-16:45)
  • Panel discussion: Regional growth – Practical considerations (Friday, June 27, 17:15-18:45)
  • Award ceremony for the August-Lösch prize (Saturday, June 28, 11:00-13:00)

In addition there will be several academic sessions on the following topics (further topics to follow):

  • Innovation and new technologies,
  • growth, clusters and politic,
  • universities and regional development,
  • regional labour markets,
  • regional entrepreneurial activity,
  • resilience and sustainability,
  • creativity,
  • migration and mobility and
  • cities and residence decisions.

Please click here to download the full programme.


Information:  The Conference is over. For additional information about the conference please contact us: econgeo@geo.uni-marburg.de



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